Vypin Industrial IOT

Improving the safety, efficiency and profitability of your company through the power of IoT technology

Vypin Cloud™ provides you with critical business insights on your data

We provide unique adaptable solutions sets, which include our cloud database, custom dashboards, and hardware products

Designed with simplicity in mind

Vypin’s IoT solution sets are simple to install and are designed to scale as your business grows. Vypin’s technology is designed for those who are looking to make advancements in their business without a tech background to do so

Latest in IoT Technology

Vypin’s hardware removes ancient processes of manual data collection and puts the power in the hands of business leaders through automation. Vypin’s low energy sensors communicate wirelessly to location markers and gateways placed strategically throughout your facility

2021 Vypin Series 2 IIoT Lineup

VP150 S2

Smart Badge

Wearable IIoT device that can be deployed in numerous environments to meet your specific needs

VP700 S2

Smart Asset Tracker

Precision location trackers that monitor your assets

VP320 S2

Indoor/Outdoor Microzone

Scalable location markers with configurable zones that identify the movement of Vypin IIoT devices within these designated areas

Vypin Cloud

Making business decisions just got easier.
Real-time data. Real-time alerts. Real-time decisions.

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Configurable solution sets to meet your industry’s specific needs

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