Smart Asset Tracker



Track hundreds or thousands of items like laptops, monitors, toolkits and other high-value assets with ease. Check out inventory while also having real-time insight into their on-site locations.

Compact Size

1 Yr Battery Life


Solution Sets

Unique devices for unique needs.

Asset tracking devices are not “one-size fits all”. There are different applications that require larger or smaller devices, different levels of ruggedness, or even greater heat resistance. 

Knowing this, Vypin has created both the VP700 S2 and VP700L form factors. These form factors combine the same standards of quality you are used to while uniquely tailoring each to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether monitoring smaller objects like laptops that can be checked out of inventory, or monitoring larger devices like healthcare equipment or forklifts, Vypin has a solution for you.

Keep track of any size items

Track high value items

Reduce lost and stolen goods

Time and date stamp of last seen location

Simple setup

Downloadable reports

Monitor and Report

  • “Last-Seen” Time & Date Stamp
  • “Last-Seen” Location
  • “Missing Items” based on time not seen
  • Status of high value items: “In-Motion” or “Stationary”


Radio  2.4GHz
CPU 16 MHz ARM® Cortex® M0 processor
Data Rates 2 Mb/s, 1 Mb/s, 500 kb/s, 125 kb/s
Output Power -20 dBm to +4 dBm
Receive Sensitivity -95 dBm @ 1 Mb/s

3V / 245 mAh

Power Consumption System Sleep Current: 4.37uA
Send 1 packet per second: 8.99uA
Operating Condition Temperature Range:  -20°C~65°C

Humidity: 5%~95% Noncondensing
Storage Condition Temperature Range: -30°C~65°C

Humidity:5%~85% Noncondensing
Dimensions 5.7cm x 4.4cm x 0.8cm
Certifications FCC