Asset Tracking

Improve operational efficiencies through real-time asset monitoring.

Real-time location services for high-value assets using radio-frequency microzones and trackers.

Keeping track of inventory, especially when dealing with high value assets is not just important, but necessary. Assets that are stolen, lost, or simply unused can be causing unnecessary drain on financial and human capital to find or replace these items. For companies like yours that rely on optimization of resources, keeping tabs on your most important operational assets and inventory is crucial. Cutting costs, reducing waste, and improving operational efficiency are just a few of the great value adds that come from IoT asset management.

Crate & Pallet Tracking

Movable Asset Tracking

Machinery Tracking

Forklift and Vehicle Tracking

Increase Operational Efficiency

Keeping track of what assets are in inventory, knowing the availability of those assets, and the utilization rates of those assets.

Location and Motion Monitoring

Reports asset whereabouts by communicating with microzones.


Simple installation. No maintenance. 2 years of battery life.

Solution Components

Smart Asset Tracker

VP700 S2

Precision location trackers that monitor your assets.

Indoor/Outdoor Microzone

VP320 S2

Scalable location markers with configurable zones that identify the movement of Vypin IIoT devices within these designated areas.

xLink™ Gateway

VP560 S2

The Vypin xLink™ transmits live and historical sensor data to the cloud for real-time monitoring and alerting.

System Overview

Facility Optimization

Improve operational efficiencies through real-time asset monitoring.