Indoor Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Track your assets,

secure your business!

Struggling to keep track of the blind spots while your assets are located across a range of physical environments?

Do you want IoT-based smart solutions that will help you automate tasks and save resources?

Vypin asset tracking and monitoring solutions can help you solve these challenges in no time.

Benefits with Vypin Asset Tracking

Accuracy and Range

Asset-intensive industries need 24/7 data about asset location and movement to ensure everything is in place.

Predict Demands

Warehouses struggle to predict demands due to a lack of information about asset quantity.

Network Infrastructure Density

Warehouses need to figure the amount of physical infrastructure required to provide asset tracking coverage for a given space.

Low Power Consumption

Warehouses need to consider the electrical power requirements of asset tracking technologies.

How can we help?

  • Get real-time updates about asset location and movement. 
  • Get alerts about any suspicious shock or movement with built-in shock sensor alerts.
  • Monitor storage conditions for perishable assets that require specific storage parameters.

How other industries can benefit from Vypin tracking solutions.

  • Medical facilities gain insight into high value equipment whereabouts and additional controlled substances security .
  • Forklift and vehicle tracking for information on asset condition and storage.
  • Educational institutes keep track of student loaned assets, high value electronics and equipment.


Can different asset types, physical locations and/or facilities be managed?

The system allows for the definition of one to any number of facilities with any number of sub-areas within the facilities. Additionally any number of client-defined asset types can be defined allowing for reporting by facility/area and or asset type.

Describe how staff can be notified of an alarm?

The system can provide text based alerts and/or email alerts.  These alerts can be directed to different personnel based on facilities, areas or type of asset.

Describe your systems architecture?

The Vypin Asset Tracking system utilizes BT 5.0 technology to gather asset and location beacon information through wifi or cellular connected gateways which forward real-time telemetry to the cloud.  Any authorized user can access their role-based dashboards and reports from any internet connected device (desktop, tablet or phone).

What is the range of the asset tracking devices?

Vypin smart asset tracker has a range of 300 ft.

Are the devices durable?

Yes, the smart asset tracker is IP65 dust and waterproof.

Can I access the data remotely?

Yes, you can access tracking and monitoring data from anywhere.  All data gets directly stored in the cloud.

How can I order Vypin asset tracking solutions for a large infrastructure?

Contact us above and request a quote. Our team will help determine the right amount of equipment needed to meet the tracking and monitoring needs of your facility.