Safety and Security

Contain chaos. Communicate effectively. Initiate response immediately.

The SilentSOS™ Difference

SilentSOS™ gives teachers the ability to call for help quickly and easily while tending to the situation at hand. Fumbling through mobile apps or trying to get someone to answer their phone costs too much time in an emergency. SilentSOS™ provides the mobility of health alert devices with the location granularity of fixed room call buttons. With built-in NFC chips, SilentSOS™ badges can also be used for access control.

Getting Help Should Be Simple

Step One

Press the button on the bottom of your ID Badge to send out an instantaneous SilentSOS™ Alert

Step Two

Your choice of resource officers, administrators, and nurses receive the SilentSOS™ Alert

Step Three

The established Response Team initiates established protocol, and help is on the way

Wearable badges

Lightweight IDs with configurable emergency call button for both health and security emergencies.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive actionable alerts via email and SMS to respond to any critical situation.

Simple Infrastructure

Installation is completely wireless, allowing ease of setup and scaling to meet your school or hotel’s expansion.

Solution Components

Smart Badge

VP150 S2

Wearable IIoT devices that can be deployed in numerous environments to meet your specific need.

Indoor/Outdoor Microzone

VP320 S2

Scalable location markers with configurable zones that identify the movement of Vypin IIoT devices within these designated areas.

xLink™ Gateway

VP560 S2

The Vypin xLink™ transmits live and historical sensor data to the cloud for real-time monitoring and alerting.

System Overview

Security Made Simple.

Getting help should be simple. With Vypin, it can be.